IP Due Diligence

If your business is looking to grow through acquisitions, Henry Query P.C. can help you identify the target company's intellectual property, evaluate whether that intellectual property actually covers the target company's products, and determine whether the target company has any potential IP-related legal liabilities.

Throughout the course of his career, Henry Query has worked with several companies and venture capital funds to investigate the intellectual property aspects of target companies. This process involves not only compiling a complete inventory of the company's IP, but also analyzing the company's IP-related agreements to ensure that no restrictions exist that could inhibit the future operation of the business. The target company's patents and trademark registrations are also reviewed to ensure that they actually cover the target company's products, and a validity analysis of the more important patents is conducted to ensure that they are not susceptible to validity challenges should the need to enforce the patents arise. A complete assessment also includes investigating whether another company has accused the target company of IP infringement and, if so, assessing the merits of the charge.

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