IP Licensing and Technology Transfer Agreements

Henry Query has considerable experience with intellectual property licensing and technology transfer transactions. Henry counsels his clients on the various options available for their proposed deals and brings a creative approach which often results in solutions that exceed his clients' expectations.

Intellectual property licensing and technology transfer agreements can be commercially appealing for several reasons. For example, if a company lacks the resources to expand its manufacturing and/or sales activities into certain markets, it may choose to partner with foreign businesses that already operate in those markets. In this situation, a licensing and technology transfer agreement is vital to protect the company's technology and prevent the technology from being disseminated or misappropriated after the relationship ends.

Also, a number of our clients occasionally choose to partner with other companies to develop new products. In these circumstances, a product development agreement is essential to ensure that our clients will own or have unfettered access to any innovations that may result from the development efforts.

Henry Query has significant expertise in preparing IP licensing and technology transfer agreements. Over the course of his career he has drafted and negotiated many IP-related agreements, such as license agreements, joint research and development agreements, IP sales agreements, consulting agreements, product development agreements, confidentiality agreements and assignments.

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